Industrial equipment

Industrial Equipment(All equipment is our original equipment)

Thawing system

Thawing systemProcessing 100kg ~ 1t ~ Processing 10t
Reservation control - Thawing - Automatic chilled storage
Fuzzy control, sequencer automatic differential pressure thawing system
Manageable uniform thawing at low cost

Brewing system

Brewing systemCooling steamed rice by radiational cooling machine/ Cold temperature storage by the inverter control for the fermentation process
Produce and supply preparation water at 0 ~ 2°C by thermal storage/
Moromi-mash (e.g, Raw unrefined sake, soy-sauce or miso) cooling water production · circulation cooling
Cooling the product in the refrigerator /dehumidifying in the drawing process · drying machine
Control system to perform all above process in the same refrigerator

Tea supply machine for schools

Tea supply machine for schoolsTea supply machine (for large capacity)/ maintain low bacteria level and negative result more than one year continuous usage
Tap water + additive-free negative green tea in fine powder/sweet moss green colored green tea without lumps
Easy cleaning management and regular maintenance to keep healthy/patent pending

Differential pressure convection freezing

Differential pressure convection freezingTranspiration cooling from the core · frozen processing system
Quality improvement by convectional differential pressure, uniform freezing
Automatic system, batch system/condition of each target

Agricultural system.

Agricultural system.Fresh shiitake mushroom freshness retention (2weeks) system
Cultivation house dehumidification/heat pump geothermal heat exchange
Flowers, fruits, vegetables, tea, rice, bulbs/compatible pre-cooling storage

Constant temperature and humidity equipment

Constant temperature and humidity equipmentPID control / inverter control / convection control
Low-cost · high-function testing equipment
Ultra-low temperature ~ cooling dehumidification ~ high temperature humidification ~ sterile room
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